Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Ball With the OG

For obvious reasons, the OG and I have a relationship with the Washington basketball club. We used to mark Michael Jordan's stop when we were at Gallery Place on our daily red line commute from Tenleytown to Union Station in 2001. We also saw the Wizards play the Sonics in Seattle in 2004, and we went to a few games in DC when we were home from Cairo visiting family during the Pharaonic era (2005-2009).

She follows a bunch of the players on Twitter, and she's even exchanged correspondence with  a couple, my favorite being when Shelvin Mack (the second round selection from a couple of years ago, no longer with the team) identified Rashard Lewis as the funniest Wizard, in response to her question.

We sat courtside for a preseason game last year in Charlotte, and she may be the only teenager still rocking Agent 0's jersey. Most nights during the season, I'll record the game, and we'll sit down to watch it in the basement around 8:30, and then talk about it at the breakfast table in the morning.

It's our thing, and I love it. I was delighted to send her the following message this morning after reading the recap of last night's summer league game, in which third year disappointments Jan Vesely (from the Czech republic and former star of Partizan Belgrade) and Chris Singleton showed signs of fulfilling the potential that has been hoped for, but unrealized since 2011:
Czech Jesus made six jumpers last night and Chris SinglePoint had ten rebounds. Why must they torture us?
That short message contains at least three jokes that only she and I are in on. Not a lot of 13 year old girls following the woeful Wizards, let alone the NBA Summer League. But the OG is on it

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