Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12

I hope you are all enjoying the chance to celebrate the anniversary of the independence of Kiribati and Sao Tome and Principe from the colonial yoke of Great Britain and Portugal respectively. Both in my lifetime, by the way, which says something about the shadow of colonialism and the number of candles on my cake.

Had Wikipedia been around in 1965, my parents might have known that today is the feast day of Jason of Tarsus, one of the lesser known disciples mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles--a disciple of Paul who hung out, as I did, near Thessaloniki, though at the beginning of different millennia. Forgive me, but he was an unusual saint.

If they had known, perhaps Young Jeezy and I would have swapped names, or he would have been named Salmon, Horatio or Elian, and the world would be a different place.

This was waiting for me on my desk this morning. I'll open it when we have our cake this afternoon.

It was a polo shirt and a bottle of Brion. The scent of good times.


  1. I'm glad for that card! Very nice.

  2. July 12 is also the birthday (he would have been 109) of acclaimed Chilean Poet and Nobel Prize winner (and Stalin sympathizer) Pablo Neruda.