Monday, July 29, 2013

Slow Month in Belgrade

So slow, that my project got a nice article in Politika, the daily paper, and even a photo. Pre-haircut, though.

40 degrees in the WC today. That's 104 for those of you who refuse to go along with the rest of the world. Yikes.

On the recommendation of a colleague, I sought and read Momo Kapor's "A Guide to the Serbian Mentality" over the weekend. It's a series of charming essays about the national character and life in Belgrade. One of the things he reminded me of was the national aversion to drafts. He mentioned how taxicabs will actually take the handles off of the windows so that you cannot roll them down. This is something we saw frequently in Macedonia, but the company we use here has a modern fleet, so I haven't been able to observe the phenomenon. I wonder if they are removing the fuse, or if they have moved on. I will have to check.


Here is a translation of the article from Politika.

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