Monday, July 22, 2013


Yesterday, I made my weekly trip to Vero, the Greek supermarket that is about 20 minutes walk from my apartment. The aisles are filled with young, attractive women offering a taste of this or that, or advice on how to get your glasses to sparkle just so.

I was planning on laundry and needed detergent, so I asked the girl in the "Vanish" lab coat for something to "chistenje ove" I said, pointing at my t-shirt. She gave me a jug of Vanish. "There is a promotion," she told me in Serbian. Tell the lady at checkout that you bought our product."

I had no intention of doing so, but after I had bought my groceries, another woman at a counter against the window called me over. "You bought Vanish," she said. "You can choose between one of our two promotional items," indicating a mini-frisbee or a plastic fan.

My lucky day.

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