Thursday, July 11, 2013

Egypt, Part II

So the president didn't get a chance to heed my advice, and though we have yet to meet the new boss, he looks like he may be strangely familiar. Today's New York Times has two interesting articles on the subject: the first suggests that the gas shortages and power cuts that, er, fueled the protests, were orchestrated by Brotherhood opponents and Mubarak cronies; the second calls for the abolition of the position of the president and the adoption of a European parliamentary system as a catalyst for a more inclusive government and a wider debate. I'm always certain that the existence of  a conspiracy theory is all the proof you need, but the elimination of a national leadership position makes a lot of sense. Throw some separation of church and state into the new Constitution and you might actually be on to something. Once again though, I am not optimistic. It's too much fun to talk about the Game of Thrones.

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