Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th Part II

What better way to cap my Fourth of July in the WC than Chinese Takeout? I had noticed the restaurant in the neighbourhood, and I asked my colleague about it. "It's Serbian Chinese food," he told me. So last night, at about 7:30, I walked over. "Imate Li jelovnink engleski?" I asked a very Serbian looking guy in a dirty white apron. "I speak english," he said. "Chicken curry?" I asked hopefully, having seen an online translation of the menu. "Spicy?" he asked. "Absoludno."

Here is the menu. It's like none I've ever seen.

* CHINESE FOOD - chicken, veal or pork - with peanuts and vegetables (hot) - With almonds and vegetables (hot) - With hazelnuts and vegetables (hot) - In Sichuan sauce (spicy) - Chicken with sesame seeds and shrimp chips - With prezilukom - Royal chicken in sweet and sour sauce - With vegetables, bamboo shoots and kin. mushrooms into strips - The sweet and sour sauce with pineapple (tomato sauce) - Chinese cabbage with Chinese mushrooms - With green peppers on the rhomboid - red-hot frying pan - With cashew nuts - The curry sauce - The oyster sauce - With the hot pepper - Chicken Wings - mushrooms in soy sauce - pork noodles - Fried pork slices - Breaded veal
* MEALS WITHOUT MEAT - Tofu cheese with vegetables - Vegetables without Meat - Rice vermicelli (noodles) - rolls with vegetables - Potatoes in curry sauce * SOUPS - hot and sour soup - With vegetables in sauce neljutom * MARINE SPECIALTIES - salmon or shrimp - With cashew nuts - The curry sauce - With vegetables in soy sauce - In Sichuan sauce - The sweet-sour-hot sauce - In tomato sauce
* FISH, SQUID - With cashew nuts - The curry sauce - The sweet-sour-hot sauce - With vegetables in soy sauce - In Sichuan sauce - In tomato sauce * SALADS - Seaweed salad - Sesame Salad vitamin * RICE - White wedding - Rice with eggs - Rice with vegetables and ham - Rice in curry * DESERT - Fried banana with chocolate or honey - Fried pineapple with chocolate or honey - Breaded apples with chocolate or honey * GRILL - Hamburger - Stuffed Burger - Pizza burger - Gourmet Burger - Maxi burger - Ćevapi - Sis Kebab - Gourmet shish - A small cheeseburger - A cheeseburger - Sausages - Rolled white - Chicken - Chicken Drumstick - White hat - Chips * SANDWICHES - Hot Dogs - Ham sandwich - Ham sandwich - SANDWICH STANDARD (sour cream, cheese, ham, seasonal vegetables) - Sirloin Sandwich - Beef sandwich - Tuna sandwich - SANDWICH BLACK-WHITE (cream, cheese, sausage, ham, mushrooms, egg, seasonal salad) * PIROŠKE - Ham - Cullen - Sirloin - Prosciutto - BLACK - WHITE * OMELET - Omelet - ham, cheese - Omelette - mushrooms, cheese - Omelet - ham, cheese - 1 Breakfast (2 eggs, 2 sausages, dishes, freshly baked somun) - Breakfast 2 (2 eggs, 2 sausage, crushed cheese, dishes, freshly baked somun) * POSNO - Hake meal (hake fillet, potato salad, olives, lemon, somun) - Tuna meal (tuna, potato salad, olives, lemon, somun) * PIZZA - 32cm, 42cm, 52cm - MARGARITA (peeled, cheese, oregano, olives) - Vesuvio (peeled, cheese, ham, oregano, olives) - FUNGHI (peeled, cheese, mushrooms, oregano, olives) - VEGETARIAN (peeled, cheese, mushrooms, oregano, seasoned vegetables, olives) - CAPRICIOSSA (peeled, cheese, mushrooms, ham, oregano, olives) - NAPOLI (peeled, cheese, ham, egg, mushrooms, oregano, olives) - Opera (peeled, cheese, tuna, capers, olives) - MEXICO (peeled, cheese, sausage, pepperoni, oregano, olives) - Pepperoni (peeled, cheese, pepperoni, fefroni, oregano, olives) - Serbian (peeled, cheese, ham, ham, egg, sour cream, oregano, olives) - BLACK - WHITE (peeled, cheese, sausage, ham, egg, mushrooms, bacon, oregano, olives) - Quatre Stagioni (peeled, cheese, sausage, ham, egg, mushrooms, bacon, oregano, olives) - FERDINAND (peeled, cheese, beef ham, egg, mushrooms, oregano, olives) * SWEET PANCAKES - CREAM - Jam (apricot, rose hip, strawberry) - SNIKERS (Nutella, peanut, caramel, chocolate) - MARS (Nutella, almond, caramel, chocolate) - BOLERO (Nutella, cashews, caramel, chocolate) - Serio (Nutella, cherry, caramel, chocolate) * SALTY PANCAKES - Ham, cheese, sour cream, ketchup - Prosciutto, cheese, sour cream, ketchup - Sirloin, cheese, sour cream, ketchup - Cullen, cheese, sour cream, ketchup - Beef ham, cheese, sour cream, ketchup - 

Like the menu, the chicken curry was singular--chicken and cabbage in a peppery sauce. It wasn't too spicy, and it wasn't bad. I've got leftovers in my lunchbox today, and I'm actually looking forward to them. But maybe I'll try a piroshke next time.

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