Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big Beat

I've written a couple of times before (here and here) about the annoying repetitiveness of the radio in the Triangle. Taking Care of Business and Margaritaville--both perfectly fine songs, are now ruined for me, due to the fact that the local classic rock station seems to play each several times a day.

In light of this, I was delighted to hear Billy Squier's fist-pumping The Stroke today, a song that I'm not sure I've heard since 1982, when it was a favourite of the DJs at CACH, the radio station at my high school. This, in turn, got me to thinking about Mr. Squier, and I was glad to learn, via Wikipedia, that he's still going strong, most recently as a member of Ringo Starr's touring band. Then I remembered a reference to a "Billy Squier big beat" in my favourite Jungle Brothers song, and when I entered exactly that into my search bar, I came across the following song, which I'd never heard before.

I then wondered if the artist had been sampled elsewhere. Using the invaluable, I learned that he had been sampled hundreds of times, including in the seminal Roxanne, Roxanne, which introduced me to the Educated Rapper (and izzle bizzle) in the 1980s. Plate of shrimp.

As an ArtistTracks that sampled Billy Squier [131]
As a ProducerTracks that sampled music produced by Billy Squier [125]

Tracks that Sampled Billy Squier

The Big BeatThe Big Beat (1980) was sampled in
 And It's Us by The Cold Crush Brothers (1981) Live at the Harlem World, Manhattan, NY 1981 by Force M.C.'s (1981) Here We Go (Live at the Funhouse) by Run-DMC (1983) Live at Broadway International (1983) by Force M.C.'s (1983) Roxanne Roxanne by UTFO (1984) So Unselfish (It's Okay,It's Okay) by Full Force (1985) Unselfish Lover by Full Force (1985) Bang Zoom (Let's Go-Go) by The Real Roxanne feat. Howie Tee (1986) Le Deenastyle by Dee Nasty (1987) Three Minutes of Beat Box by T La Rock feat. Greg Nice (1987) Bass (Original) by King Tee (1987) Animal by Kings of Rapp (1987) The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (1987) Comin' Correct by J.J. Fad (1988) Let's Get Hyped by J.J. Fad (1988) Radio by Eazy-E (1988) Ain't No Half-Steppin' by Big Daddy Kane (1988) Born to Be Wild by MC Shan (1988) Magic Carpet Ride by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five (1988) We Don't Rock, We Rap by Schoolly D (1988) Beats to the Rhyme (Video Version) by Run-DMC (1988) Bass by King Tee (1988) Bits and Pieces by UTFO (1989) Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children by Queen Latifah feat. De La Soul (1989) I Got the Knack by Everlast (1989)

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