Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tuning In

A trip up to Hancock New York with the Gs provided me with a survey of today’s pop music. Balancing a manic desire to play the same songs over and over against my preference for no repeats, the OG did an excellent job of walking us through her music collection and responding to the BG’s requests. Pitbull, Usher, Carmen, the Wanted, Taylor Swift (“Mean” was allowed a second play) Nicky Minaj, Beyonce and Train were showcased, along with a sprinkling of Stax and Motown.

On the way back, I was looking forward to a steady stream of Econtalk and Wefunk, but the headphone jack on my phone was not permitting a steady connection to the car stereo. Having no cds, this meant I returned to the age old tradition of seeking a radio station up and down the dial, finding something utterly delightful, and then watching it slip from range. Two highlights, both of which I held onto for the better part of an hour were a fantastic playlist of obscure R&B tracks (there was absolutely no talking for 45 minutes, so all I know was it was 89.3 FM, and I can’t find any more information online) and the midday show from WXPN in Philadelphia, which demonstrated everything that a music show is supposed to be on the radio, but rarely is. The set included classic deep cuts from the Who (Another Tricky Day) and XTC (King for a Day) as well as good new songs from Florence and the Machine, and a few other bands whose names I’ve forgotten.

Not the best way to spend 20 hours, I suppose. But I got the Gs to camp without incident and myself back to the CHill in time for last night’s Game 7.


  1. I think it is important to listen to the radio -- random inspiration and reminders-from-left-field of music we once valued tend to make any day go better. And I am glad you were able to enjoy the radio without being plagued by dial-fiddlers riding shotgun.

  2. WXPN may be the best radio station on the east coast.