Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bunk Notes, Part III

BG weighs in from animal camp:

Subject: CAMP!
Message:  Hello dad! Sorry I didn't write un'till now but I have been having so much fun! I have adopted 2 chichillas.i is gray name StarDust the other one is black and named Monica. My othercouse is Jr.Vet.

I love you! WRITE ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S What is Mom's e-mail?

My response:

Hi Evie!

Your chinchillas sound darling! I understand that their fur is incredibly soft. I'm also told that in South America people wrap them around their feet at night in the winter to stay cozy.

Actually I made that up.

Quiet around here. Bubbles is auditioning for a job as my alarm clock. She comes in and mewls every morning around 7 am. Maybe you would prefer that to song of the day.

Nene and Kevin are both playing well in the Olympics. France actually upset Argentina yesterday.

My new blender/chopper makes great smoothies. Happy birthday to me! Today's special is blackberry mango.

Thanks for writing. I miss you of course, but I'm delighted to hear that you are having fun. I am looking forward to another trip to St. Louis in a couple of weeks, but I am happy to avoid airports for awhile after last week's adventure.

Keep the news coming. Here's a little song for you to sing.

You're at Cub Creek, for 2 more weeks,
Makin' friends who have fur and tails and bee-e-eaks.
Your second camp. You're very tan,
Learning how to be a junior veterinarian.

Everyone else is away from home now,
Everyone else but me.
Evie I'm glad that you're enjoying summer camp,
On a quest to be this year's vacation champ.
The exclamation points sprinkled throughout your note,
Let me know, oh-oh, that Cub Creek has got your vote.

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