Sunday, August 26, 2012

Filling Buckets

The BG has posted a bucket list--things she wants to do before childhood slips away--on the wall in her room:

In case you can't read the text, it includes decorating a locker; walking dogs for cash; having a lemonade stand; helping out at the animal shelter; being in Schoolhouse Rock; getting fuzzy wallpaper (?); doing something impressive; getting into AIG (the gifted program at school); seeing Ms. Jeffries (beloved 2nd grade teacher); making dinner for the family; inventing a recipe; and doing the splits.

An excellent list, ambitious but eminently achievable. The OG and I like to quote an old Steve Martin routine in these situations. It went something like "I think it's important to have goals. I have two things I'd like to accomplish. First, I want to be master of time, space and dimension. Then I want to go to Europe.

Apparently it's from an opening monologue from a 1977 Saturday Night Live

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