Friday, August 24, 2012

Cheer it Up, D

As the school year beckons, the OG is looking forward to another year in the black and blue of the Smith Middle School Cheer Squad. The rapper in me had a few ideas last year about how to spice up the cheers, but, looking back, I think I may have been more focused on amusing myself than exhorting the Cyclones to victory. For example:
Black and Blue,
We're on you like a bruise.
Come to battle Smith.
You Will Lose.
Perhaps a bruise isn't the best metaphor for middle school athletic prowess, and I suspect that not many of the kids got the Rocky IV reference, which is not surprising, since they weren't born until a decade after the movie's release.

But hope springs eternal, and I've been working on a new lyric for the 2012 season:
Will Smith's the Fresh Prince, but Smith will beat you.
We're not the Men in Black, we're the girls in black and blue;
The jiggy cheer squad and the super fierce crew,
Cheering for the team and looking pretty while we do (Strike the pose)
What do you think?


  1. Like it, except for "jiggy." What does that even mean?

  2. Sigh.