Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Papers

RIP Adam Yauch.  I think he does his best work on the underrated “To the 5 Boroughs. Not their best, but he shines. Can't find a copy of the original video (which he directed as Nathaniel Hornblower) but this appearance on Letterman is pretty cool.

Bill Clinton reviews the latest volume of the Johnson biography. Did not know LBJ was 6’4.”

Tyler Cowen on India. Things are slowing down. Bureaucracy is a serious impediment to progress.

Still waiting on nanotechnology, but it looks awfully cool. Can’t wait to charge my phone by plugging it into my jeans.

Victor Hugo spent 15 years in exile on Guernsey as an enemy of Napoleon III. Looks like it’s not a bad place to write in peace

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