Thursday, May 3, 2012

Economist Takeaway

South Korea may soon be richer than Japan. Perhaps I would have benefited from a more careful reexamination of Gung Ho before investing in the Japanese economy back in 1997.

A war between Sudan and South Sudan over oil seems like the worst possible scenario for improvements to prosperity in both nations. The resource curse and civil war are two of the keys to remaining in the Bottom Billion. And the South is also land-locked.

Twenty years in to the rise of the Internet and the World Wide Web, we still haven’t figured out how to preserve data. Could we be living in another Dark Ages without realizing it?

Remittances are worth more than development aid. I did not realize Russia was such a popular destination for immigrants; but it makes sense, given the price of oil and the legacy of the former USSR.

Speaking of oil, all of those surplus dollars out there aren’t in China. They’re in the Gulf.

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  1. Pretty sure I watched every episode of Gung Ho(the TV series), back in the day.