Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Playoff Predictions

We filled out our brackets for the NBA playoffs this morning. Our timing, which was a couple of games late, allowed us to factor into our calculations the impact of Derek Rose's injury, as well as the fact that the reigning champions seem to have lost even the vestigial remnants of their mojo.

In talking about this last week, the OG and I discussed the word schadenfreude in the context of people actively willing Lebron's failure, and that they now seem to feel like he's paid enough. Is there an opposite of the word? Gladenfreude? Perhaps that's why we all picked the Heat to win.

The BG's love of Dwight Howard has been unaffected by the yearlong soap opera in Orlando, but she knows all too well that the Magic can only aspire to mediocrity without him. Both Gs foresee a Heat Thunder finals, while I, ever mindful of the advance of time, think that the Spurs have a little something left.

Injuries have obviously played a major role in the NBA this season, and there are never as many upsets in a seven game series as there are in a one-and-done contest like the NCAA tournament, but we're still looking forward to a couple of months of exciting basketball, as well as the lottery and the draft.

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