Thursday, May 31, 2012

Economist Takeaway

Stephen Harper’s government is pushing to get tar-sands oil to market. If the US doesn’t want a new pipeline, Canada has ports too.

Using games to gauge the potential of new hires. I’ve lately begun to question the utility of the interview.

Making computer memory from bacteria. Is “biotechnology” the next big thing?

The Barnes Collection reopens.

Special Report on China’s economy: The main issues are internal. Highlights:

  • Investment and consumption make up most of China’s GDP. Exports are not a significant factor, which surprised me. 
  • China is now the world’s largest market for luxury goods. 
  • Party elites should be worrying about how to increase economic groeth, rather than how to divide it amongst themselves. Shades of Russia? 
  • Chinese income per person ranks 90th in the world. I would have guessed higher.

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