Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Whoomp There We Were.

Came across an article entitled, more or less "20 songs you can't believe are 20 years old." The list, which includes Cypress Hill, Tag Team and Blind Melon takes me back to the salad days, when AJ, Pat and I were celebrating what we christened the "golden age of gangsta rap" and watching (and funding) the fledgling (now long gone)Video Jukebox network--"the television you control" as I recall, where you could dial up a then 20 year old prodigy named Snoop Doggy Dogg, or get a 2 for 1 play of the former MC Hammer's (now just Hammer) "It's all Good" and "Pumps and a Bump."

Actually, those days don't seem that far gone, despite the fact that, by rough count,  I've gotten married, moved 10 times, had seven jobs, lived in three different states and four different countries and seen two daughters start, respectively, middle and high school, since.

I was trying to put that into perspective, and I remembered everybody was crazy about the fifties when I was in fifth grade; there was even a hit tv show (and trading cards). That was 1975, and it turns out "Rock around the Clock, which was "sampled" (although I don't think the practice existed yet) in the program's theme, was recorded twenty years previously. Let's just say that 1955 seemed far more distant to Big D circa 1975 than 1994 does to today.

That's my perspective. Is it too much?

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