Friday, February 14, 2014

Ever Tried Ruthenian Food?

I was in Subotica earlier this week. It's a small town, near the Hungarian border in the province of Vojvodina. A background piece described the diversity of the community, naming Serbs, Hungarians and Ruthenians, among the population.

Ruthenians ?

I asked my staff, and knew nobody. When we asked someone from the region, he explained that they were a distinct ethnic group, usually associated with Ukraine. "Ah, Rusyns"Someone explained, and everyone nodded. One of Vojvodina's six official languages.

File: SUBOTICA.JPGThe architecture in the town was European, but like nothing I'd seen before - somewhere between Vienna and St. Petersburg, with the hint of a hallucinogen-driven design phase.

Turns out the theme is something known as Vienna Secession , a movement that wanted to show no influence of history, and linear ornamentation known as "whiplash or" eel style. "

Whatever. It just goes to show that you probably should not follow the trending style when you're designing a city hall. 

Or maybe you should. Now I've seen everything.

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