Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Books

Bit of a slow month, despite the time at home. I blame the NBA, the dog and the car. I've switched to Goodreads for my reading list. You can find and friend me here

I've read and enjoyed all of Tim Harford's books. This is a primer on macroeconomics, and although not much was new to me, the writing is, as always, clear and engaging. The discipline is rife with uncertainty, and that's not a completely satisfying takeaway.

Thought I would like this more. A bit hagiographical and repetitive, I had digested his message (buy companies you know to be undervalued and hold on to them) well before I finished the book. He didn't buy tech stocks because he didn't sufficiently understand the business. It's that kind of discipline that seems just as important to his success.

I classified the author's singular voice as somewhere between John Kennedy Toole and Raymond Chandler. The introduction suggests Mark Twain, and that's probably more accurate. A shaggy detective story (I guess), peopled with colorful characters and wry humor in almost every sentence. Thank you, Sarah.

Wonderfully meticulous, beautifully written series of  essays about the work of David Lynch, cruises, state fairs, high school tennis and other quotidian issues. Even better than the volume I read last month (Consider the Lobster).

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