Friday, February 28, 2014

February Books

Note: Started promisingly, with things I did not know - Bombs in Belgrade and the sclerosis of Austria-Hungary - but slipped into a litany of tactical blunders by clueless old-timers (those machine guns will be no match for our horses and our bayonets ) and anecdotal stories about appalling conditions and wasted lives. Did not get the better understanding geopolitical I was hoping for.

The internet has made ​​us better writers and helped track how extended friends and family are doing. Plus there is no longer a need to memorize anything.

Note:  Christmas gift from Worldwide - hint, hint. : The secret?
  • Cardio 6 days / week, weights twice;
  • Do not eat crap;
  • Stretch your brain;
  • Stay engaged.
It's not that complicated, and random events to occur, but the formula is pretty simple.

Did not care for the writing style, and did not learn much, but it was fun to go back to the late nineties. The author's conflicts with Marissa Mayer were interesting, given recent developments in her career.

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