Monday, February 17, 2014

Larger Than Life

People here are crazy about tennis, largely due to the success of their countryman, Novak Djokovic , the holder of six Grand Slam titles. I was treated to lunch at his restaurant, the aptly named " Novak Cafe "in New Belgrade on Saturday. The menu features a variety of fusion-type meals, as well as a number of gluten-free items, due, I was told, to the effect that a switch in diet has played in his considerable success.

Like all of these types of places, the walls were full of memorabilia, including several big screen monitors showing the man himself in action.

I had a very forgettable chicken in peanut sauce, and a nice salad with goat cheese and dried plums. Not cheap by Belgrade standards, but nothing, to, ahem, write home about.

But on the way out, I noticed the statue in front of the restaurant, which I can best describe as either a centurion playing tennis, or perhaps a preview of post-apocalyptic future in which a well-placed forehand is the only thing standing between you and a beat-down.

Now that is something I will not soon forget.

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