Friday, January 11, 2013

That Drink Made from Girders

I've written before about how spinach isn't the source of iron we believe it to be, and also that I'll slip a teaspoon of "iron elixir" into the BG's smoothies to make up for what, among other things, she is missing by eschewing meat.

This Christmas, occasional reader and fellow bibliophile Joy slipped a can of  Scotland-made "Irn Bru" into the BG's stocking. The sugary fruit soda, also known--thanks to an ad campaign--as "made from girders" contains 5% of the RDA--that's recommended daily allowance--of iron.

We popped the top last night after rehearsal, and enjoyed it very much, somewhere between redpop and cream soda was my assessment, although, in truth, I have not had a cream soda in thirty years, so my memory may be a little fuzzy.

Looks like we will need to order it online, or drive to Virginia or South Carolina to get it, but at 25g of sugar per serving, I might be better off making the BG's pancakes in a cast iron skillet.

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