Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quick and Easy Pasta II

I've blogged before about how pasta with spinach, blue cheese and toasted nuts is a frequent visitor to our table. Eyeing a bag of fresh spinach getting ready to turn to crime, I decided to make it last night. But the chunk of blue cheese in the fridge was smaller than I had imagined.

Figuring that mozzarella would stretch the cheese component without interfering with the flavour, I altered the recipe to include equal parts mozzarella and blue cheese. I also sauteed a couple of cloves of garlic, and I cooked a little bacon on the side (for the OG, and to crumble over the pasta, which was otherwise vegetarian, and, hey, you never know, this might be the night the BG decides to try it--it wasn't).

The result was even better than the original. Blue cheese does not melt very well (mozzarella excels) and the combination gave the sauce a silkier texture. The garlic helped too, I think, as well as the bacon, but I'm quite certain that combining the two types of cheese is a legitimate difference maker.

Now I've amended two of the few recipes that I've posted (cookies was the other). So try this at your peril. No doubt there's a better way on the horizon.

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