Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When You're Ready for More Cookies...

I wrote earlier this month about my variation on Alton Brown's chocolate chip cookie, and today, as we get back into the grind after two days off (the holiday plus a teacher development day yesterday) I tried another one of his recommendations, and the poetry of it is so perfect that I thought I would share it.

The basic idea is that, rather than putting the last sheet of cookies into the oven, you put them into the freezer. The next day, you can take them off the parchment and put them in a plastic bag for later use. When you're ready for more cookies (don't you just love the way that sounds?) take the bag out of the freezer and arrange the cookies on a sheet.

Put the sheet in the oven and set it to 375. The cookies will thaw while the oven heats up and then cook as normal, so the total time is whatever time it takes to preheat your oven (ours helpfully beeps when it hits the desired temp) plus 10 minutes for the baking.

The elegance of this recipe speaks to me, and I'm also keen to try making mini-batches in the toaster oven. But for today, the Gs came downstairs to the smell of freshly baked (though pre-made) cookies. Recompense for the Song of the Day, which channeled the BG's beloved Taylor Swift:

I knew you were sleeping when I walked in,
And that's just wrong.
I need you to get up out of your bed,
So heed my song:

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