Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Greatest Hits

With Worldwide and the Gs getting ready to embark on yet another drive from the Triangle to Camp in upstate New York, and with Worldwide posting her playlist on Facebook, I thought it might be fun to try and remember all of the songs that we've had in heavy rotation in summers past.

From our drive across the country to start a new life in Olympia in 2003 to our peripatetic wandering around the eastern seaboard and Ontario, there have been, at times, songs that would fill one or more of the family members with a glee that has gradually become less overtly shared over the years. I can't claim to have remembered them all, but I assure you that the songs on the list below belong, even though many of them have been since disavowed by my ever more sophisticated and urbane daughters:

Raffi, Bananaphone
Wiggles, Dancing with Wags the Dog
Splash 'n' Boots, Treasure of Gold
Bruce Springsteen, Old Dan Tucker
Stompin' Tom Connors, Bud the Spud
Lynyrd Skynyd, Sweet Home Alabama
Nelly, Hot in Herre
Shawn Colvin, Cimb On (a back that's strong)
Juliana Hatfield, Spin the Bottle
Liz Phair, Banana Splits Theme
Tribe Called Quest, Ham and Eggs
Kurtis Blow, Rappin' Basketball
Katy Perry, California Girls (possibly "Gurlz")
Taylor Swift, Mean
Iconapop, I Love it


Realized over the weekend that I should have included the following, plus something by High 5, although I couldn't remember any songs:

Beastie Boys: Triple Trouble (Sharp cheddar, my rhymes are better)
Barenaked Ladies: Another Postcard, Testing 1-2-3
Clash: Police on my Back; Pressure Drop (You're doing it wrong wrong wrong)


  1. Oh! Wish I had put the Shawn Colvin on my list this time. I still love it.

    Our playlist turned out to have 80 songs -- Ana ran out of time to get her full 40 downloaded. But every song (almost -- I DO NOT LIKE "Kesha") was a winner, and I was surprisingly pleased by my choices, including REO Speedwagon and Styx.

    Did you know that Prince wrote "I Feel For You," made famous in 1984 by Chakha Kahn?

  2. Chaka Khan, let me rock it, let me rock it Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan let me rock it, that's all i wanna do, Chaka.

    My Styx choice would have been "Blue Collar Man." Makes me want to grow my eighth grade moustache back. BG recommends "Come Sail Away."