Thursday, June 27, 2013

Emerging markets

15 years ago in Skopje, we had a washing machine on an enclosed porch just off the kitchen. As I recall, the brand name was "Gorenje," and a quick search suggests that this memory is correct. The most interesting thing about this washing machine was that during the spin cycle it sort of danced around the porch--not a wide orbit mind you, but enough to be disconcerting. After awhile we got used to it, but nonetheless, every load seemed like it carried, along with your clothes, a not insignificant chance of something going horribly wrong.

Now my new apartment has a high-tech unit that is a washer/dryer in one, something that I'd never seen before, although, truth be told, I hadn't looked all that hard. The landlady was kind enough to leave a manual along with it, helpfully published in all EU languages.

And it works great. The only troubling thing is that washing and drying a medium size load takes six and a half hours. That seems like an awfully long time. The handy digital timer lets you keep track of all 400 minutes. But it's very quiet.


  1. I rememember that old machine in Skopje taking hours and hours and hours to finish the laundry. WHY? Makes no sense. No wonder Europe is in a bad way.

  2. Just sit down to a leisurely lunch, and by the time you've finished your creme brulee and a nice digestif, your dinner clothes will be ready. Perfect timing.