Monday, December 10, 2012

Too Short

Listening to Saturday's WeFunk, a guest DJ played Too Short's Money in the Ghetto, a song that was in Heavy Rotation when we were watching the Box on Independence Avenue Southeast in 1993. Some of the lyrics came in handy later, when I was teaching a young OG who those faces on the bills were. She can still recite the rhyme:
On the one dollar bill if you look on the front
You'll find the face of George Washington.
Make money baby, that's all I do,
That's why I know Thomas Jefferson is on the two.
Abraham Lincoln got shot and died,
Freed the slaves, so they put him on the five;
And Hamilton, my old time friend,
They put his face on the front of the ten.
Not as historically informative as you might like, but memorable nonetheless.


  1. The Box - I thought that was just a dream. Was it really possible to get It's All Good and Pumps and a Bump for one low price. Was Rumpshaker number 107? Was it really all country music when we visited Tom in Chicago?

    By the way - Viacom is now a client and we have some patent issues related to The Box which they picked up somewhere along the way. At a recent meeting I had to explain what it was to all the Viacom employees who were too young to have ever seen it.

  2. Did you explain the concomitant pleasure of knowing that you were simultaneously sharing a beloved work with the fan base and making the haters suffer. Wreccx n Effecx was 107, but I cannot remember any others--not even Real Compton City Gs.