Monday, December 3, 2012

Blogged Down

G Lo (and Worldwide, in the comments) call me out for my post about life with older girls not being as interesting as it once was:
I continue and appreciate each blog entry. But I question your observation that life with an eleven and thirteen year old is less of interest than life with a four and six year old -- I'm thinking that these are almost the most interesting years!
I think, in retrospect, that I was saying that it's harder than I thought to say something interesting on a regular basis. But maybe I'm just not thinking about it enough. so the perspective is welcome.

On an unrelated note, she also recommends a John Irving nook:
i know that most novels don't interest you, but I've just finished this John Irving book, the first that I've read. Among other attractions, it has a couple of settings familiar to you, although they are far into this very long book. My book list entry:

Last Night in Twisted River: A Novel by John Irving (A 2011 Post Notable Work) – Forty years in the life of a cook and his son, who is twelve as the story begins in a logging camp in northern New Hampshire and who, later as a writer, uses their peripatetic life on-the-run as gist for his novels.
Cynical/sarcastic/ironic me read a Prayer for Owen Meany in 1991 and  vowed never to read anything else by John Irving. It may be time to revisit that judgment.

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  1. I was corresponding once a week, if that, with my kids' grandparents, which is different from a daily blog. Yes, noting something interesting every day is a challenge.