Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Youth for Truth

One of the things that the OG has convinced me of over the last couple of years is that young people should be allowed to vote. Reading the issues advanced by a passel of sixth graders in yesterday's Times not only reinforces that belief, but it makes me think that the more long-term views of thirteen year-olds might temper the shrillness of the baby boomers, who seem more concerned about making sure that no-one touches any of the benefits they believe they are entitled to in their twilight years than on the prospects for future generations. On the environment and long-term fiscal sustainability, I suspect that enfranchising sixth through twelfth graders might very well force the candidates to work a little harder on the "vision thing" and that the nation would benefit overall.

Listening to a couple of retirees argue competing conspiracy theories in the library last night (much to the dismay of the librarians and patrons) makes me think that such a move would not have a meaningful effect on the intelligence of the electorate in any direction other than positive, or at worst, neutral.

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