Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Going to be a Long Winter

The BG decided she would rather read for half an hour rather than watch the first quarter of the Wizards/Bobcats game last night--a scathing indictment of our favourite NBA team--so the OG and I settled in. The Wizards began with good ball movement, and even though they are clearly a mediocre team missing their two best players (neither of whom can truly be called a star), when I carried her up to bed (a labor that is considerably more difficult with a thirteen year old than it was a decade ago) it looked like they might have a chance to win their first game of the season.

Sadly, this was not to be, and the second half degenerated into a dog's breakfast of bad shooting, mediocre defense and hero ball. In his Grantland article this morning, NBA writer Zach Lowe cites the "resignation of Wizards broadcaster Steve Buckhantz" as one of the ten things he likes/doesn't like about the NBA season so far:
...his beaten-down tone can be an honest godsend on another miserable night of Wizards basketball ... and you almost wonder if he just wants to put his head down and let the game go on without him sometimes.
This would be funny, if not for its poignancy. Maybe it is, since it's only a game after all. But nevertheless, it's going to be another long season.

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