Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We have pretty much given full control over the car radio to the Gs, which means flipping back and forth between the two pop stations in the hopes of finding one of the dozen or so songs of the moment. Amazingly, the stations generally do not disappoint; they seem to play the songs in heavy rotation about once every thirty minutes. In the course of two trips yesterday (school and the dentist) I heard the same Kesha and Pink song an unbelievable 8 times (3 for the former, 5 for the latter). That means that in a total of 45 minutes of car time, with 90 minutes of radio time (2 stations x 45 minutes) one of the songs was available for your aural pleasure about once every ten minutes. Hell in a handbasket, I tell ya.

Sadly, neither the classic rock nor the oldie goldie (if you know what I mean) stations are much better. I don't understand why technology hasn't made the algorithms more effective (or do people really want to sing along with Looking Glass every morning?) and this has forced me to take refuge in our three local college stations (NC State, Duke and Shaw) which, although they don't play much that I actually care for, at least offer lots of variety.

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