Sunday, July 15, 2012


Took the BG to airport this morning for her trip up to Canada as an "unaccompanied minor," or, as it's known in the trade, a U-NAM. Both Gs have traveled this way a couple of times, and their approach to the idea of independent travel could not be more different.

The first time the OG traveled by herself, she was under the impression that I would just drop her off at the airport and return home, leaving her to negotiate tickets, security and boarding independently. Her indignance increased at each step, as she learned that I had to check her in, escort her through security and stay with her at the gate until she boarded, and the plane was in the air. Do they not know what "unaccompanied" means?

The BG, on the other hand, wanted my attention right until the very end, and was demonstrably nervous about having to change planes in DC. We enjoyed a couple of Everything bagels with cream cheese and got to the gate, just as the notice of boarding was delivered. Given the choice of boarding first or last, the BG looked to me for guidance. I suggested getting on first, to allow her time to get settled, open her gum and retrieve her dog-eared copy of Thirteen, before stowing her new tie-dye coloured backpack, which J-14 reports is totally "in" this year.

Which she did, with the help of a couple of solicitous flight attendants, who quickly allayed her concerns about the adventure, and the chances of actually being unaccompanied at any given time.

Now on to time with the GPs, Dreams in Motion, and a part in Treasure Island, which she hopes, will be a pirate. Based on my knowledge of the book, which I read last year, that's not a bad bet.

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