Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I wondered if there were any other dads blogging. I was sure there were, but nobody with my unique take on life the universe and everything, right? Welcome to the total perspective vortex, Big D! A Google search for best dad blogs yielded 165 million results. I clicked through to top blogs, which included links to 100 blogs, 18 of which focus on Stay-at-Home-Dads (SAHDs I now know) and 3 on dads with daughters. I also looked at’s top 25 dad blogs.

I opened a dozen of the links that looked like they had the most to say about my situation and interests. I’m through with babies, and don’t think that the blogs of gay and divorced dads are going to have as much to say to me (unfair, I know, but without the application of some heuristics, I’d be online the rest of my life). About 25% of the sites I opened had not been updated in several months—that’s a dealbreaker in today’s world, so I closed them immediately. Several focused on very young children (I guess not many teenagers need an SAHD), and a few just didn’t resonate.

The two that I’ve decided to add to my RSS feed include a food blog and a DIY site. The latter ( looks pretty slick, and I’m hoping that it helps me step up my game, which is not particularly strong in the home improvement department. The author of the food blog ( is an editor at the New Yorker, and has recently published a cookbook, so he has some street cred.

I’ll try to stay current on this issue and report back as circumstances warrant. Let me know if there are any sites you think I might enjoy.

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