Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bunk Notes

The OG is spending two weeks at American Dance Training Camp, which has moved from last year's location at Western Carolina University, to the state's flagship institution here in Chapel Hill. Last night was the end of session 1, and I went up to see the performance, which took place at the School's Center for Dramatic Art. The OG was in three performances, jazz, hip hop and contemporary, and looked like she would be right at home at half court of the Verizon center, or in a Paula Abdul video, circa 1989.

The camp has a feature called bunk notes, where, for a small fee, parents can compose messages to their children online, for printing and delivery to the campers. I wrote the note below this morning, and thought it might be fun to share an annotated version. The OG will assuredly pick up on all of the references.

Bunk Note, July 21, 8:30 AM.

 It's been, One Week, like the Barenaked Ladies.
If I had to give the kid a letter-type grade, she's
A plus--moves better than Jagger,
Feat on the beat, and complete with swagger,
Hot like the Heat and I'm no bragger.

Coolin' her heels in a UNC dorm,
Workin' like Mike, (day and night) on form.
Dedicated camper with the megawatt smile,
Educated dancer with the Peggy Lee style.
See you next Friday for another great show,
Hallelujah girl, I just love you so.

Great Dancing.
Proud to be your dad.

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