Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 Books

Lots of free time in Serbia afforded plenty of opportunities for reading. I also dipped into Justified, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Silicon Valley, Broad City and Game of Thrones on television. Of these, I think I enjoyed Silicon Valley the most, but it is fully my intention to damn it with faint praise. I had a number of problems with Breaking Bad, and, of the above list, found it to be the most disappointing; but that might have been the result of high expectations, along with the fact that it's really not my kind of show.

Channeling   Chris Rock, I'll list my top five, followed by the whole list, which is also available on Goodreads. Hat Tip to Pat (my only Goodreads friend at this point) for his reviews and suggestions; and also to Lois, Sarah, Worldwide and Monika for their gifts and suggestions.

Confessions of an Advertising ManConfessions of an Advertising Man
Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas
Junkyard Planet: Travels in the Billion-Dollar Trash Trade


  1. Curious about Smuggler Nation. I have a pet theory I have been too lazy to look into. In short I was thinking that a network of smugglers would have been perfect as the backbone on which something like the Underground Railroad could have been built. You would have had locations a certain distance apart with the habits and facilities required to keep secrets and move things along illicitly. Otherwise, how do you get this ball rolling.

    E.g., lots of slaves escape. One happens to knock on the right door - home of a smuggler sympathetic to the idea. He sounds out some of his connections and asks the slaves to carry some things for him in exchange for the help.

    Any word on this in the book?

  2. Makes sense. It seems to be consistent with what's happening in the Mediterrannean and Mexico. But I don't recall anything in the book on this subject, so your theory holds.