Friday, October 25, 2013

BG Birthday Alternative

The BG has a birthday which is usually adjacent to Thanksgiving, and that has meant that it is often overshadowed by family business, or that the celebration is shunted to the preceding or following week.

It occurred to me that a workaround might be to allow her to pick a day in the year for a special celebration of some kind. She could pick the time, and we'd have one more thing to do, like our gift exchange on February 29, 2012 for no good reason, other than leap year.

My first though was St. Evelyn's day, but there doesn't seem to be one. Then I turned to the French root of Evelyn, Aveline. No luck again, but, apparently, Aveline means hazelnut, and Google suggests that National Hazelnut Day is June 1.

That seems like a good enough reason for a celebration, don't you think?

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