Monday, September 16, 2013

Peace at Last

On Friday, Worldwide wondered how the raging trade war between Kosovo and Macedonia was affecting life in Belgrade.

"Um, trade war?" I asked.

Pepper bazar BulgariaWell, breathe easy. According to RFE, the dispute has been settled, and Kosovars can presumably now buy the ingredients for their Ajvar at the Skopje Green Market, although there might be some other bureaucratic impediments to importation, and they would doubtless defend to the death the superiority of the local product over the stuff on the other side of the border.


  1. What's the source of your red pepper pic? I'm hoping that those are Macedonian peperki in a Serbian market.

  2. Something called the East European Folklife Center ( The picture is labeled as Skopje (

    The best tomatoes in the Kalenic market here in Belgrade are branded as Macedonian, btw.