Thursday, September 12, 2013

Playing the Mule

I volunteered to bring back anything that my staff might want from, as Blue Rodeo called it, the "land of endless malls." Here is what they asked for:
  • Assorted makeup and skin cream(15 items)
  • Nail polish (5 bottles)
  • Handbags (2)
  • Watches (2)
  • Leather Coat (1)
  • Chromecast (1)
I was able to order everything but the chromecast via Amazon (it is sold out and you can only buy it from price gouging resellers), so the swag was waiting for me when i got home. As luck would have it, the website suggested that the Durham Best Buy had two of the season's hottest gadget in stock, and a visit confirmed the assertion.

When I asked about the makeup, I was told that the appeal was purely price-driven--that a $2 box (if that's the word) of eye-shadow would cost five times more in the WC. Which is weird to me, since everything seems so cheap, but I guess the market is different for luxury goods.

For myself I brought 5 pounds of good coffee and  my favorite cup, which has been a part of my morning for the last 14 years. The former is much better than what I can buy here (and cheaper too!) and the latter brings a comforting touch of the familiar to my life.

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