Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sushi Fried Rice

One of the culinary challenges with the Gs, where nothing is simple, is rice. The OG likes plain white rice with butter. She eschews brown rice or ANY adornment of ANY kind. On the other side of the dinner table, the BG likes brown rice, risotto and pretty much anything rice-related as long as it's vegetarian and, poetically, NOT plain white rice with butter, which she dismissed as "too bland." Nevertheless, I still frequently make steamed rice as a side, though not as often as I used to, given the fact that I am Condoleeza Rice, when it comes to my favourite grain. But, since I'm trying to eat more whole grains of late, I try not to eat rice for breakfast now, which I have done all my life, and that means we sometimes have leftover rice, which is perfect for fried rice.

I introduced the BG to fried rice last night, drawing on the flavors of her beloved vegetable maki to improve my chances of success. I fried some chopped red onion and carrots in vegetable oil, added the leftover rice, and then dressed it with liberal amounts of soy sauce and pickled ginger and a judicious amount of wasabi. It was ready in 15 minutes, and the BG asked for seconds, a clear gesture of approval.

We then moved on to dessert, and I will share a family tradition that will undoubtedly meet with disapproval from the elders. A couple of years ago, I decided that each child could have a pint of ice cream per week of their choosing. It's been fun, and we've enjoyed trying new flavors and coming up with rules about ice cream moving into the public domain after two weeks. And I must say that the Gs have been remarkably measured in their approach; it is rare that a pint (which is 4 servings according to Ben and Jerry) is consumed within a week's time. As someone whose Halloween candy barely lasted a week, I think that there may be something to this moderate approach to sweets, but nevertheless, I certainly enjoyed watching the BG discover the pleasure of Fudge Brownie ice cream last night, as she devoured half a serving before putting her pint back in the fridge and running out the door to play.

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