Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Final Election Report

Here are some final thoughts on the presidential election. I need to spend my time getting more familiar with the local issues. There is an article in this morning's Chapel Hill News about a proposed sales tax increase to fund transit initiatives. While I generally support these kind of initiatives, the article is very biased in favor of rails over roads and buses in a way that gives me pause.

So here are my final takeaways from last week's election report in the Economist, as well as one from this week's report on the World Economy.

  • I think the President should have an opportunity to implement his health law. It's far to early to say that it won't improve things, and improving things is important in this area (see last point)
  • Energy independence is a non-issue, since prices are set by world markets. But I do like the idea of cheaper, cleaner and locally produced natural gas powering more stuff and competing with oil.
  • I favor less military spending, not more, and I don't think the President should be credited with killing Bin Laden. I think any president would have given the same order.
  • I want to end all tax deductions and put a price on carbon. Who's with me? Anyone? Anyone?
  • I also favor the legalization of drugs, and believe that the only manufacturing jobs coming back to the United States are for the one guy needed to feed the dog who keeps people away from the machines. Not seeing a lot from either candidate on these two issues.
  • Finally, over half of all entitlement spending flows to the elderly, and 40% of that is spent on health care. And people are living longer, getting more medical procedures, taking more drugs and voting reliably. This has got to change, and probably won't, at least until catastrophe strikes.
Don't forget to vote!


  1. Agree about Healthcare. Let's put it in place for 5 years, with a vote after 4 years if we want to keep it or not.

    Mostly agree about bin Laden, but if it hadn't worked, there would all kinds of crowing by the other side, so to make it fair you need to give him credit.

    Agreed mostly about deductions, but carbon is too vague a thing to price. Need to find a different way to accomplish the same thing.

    Agree about pot, not sure about other drugs.

    Great stuff, as always.

  2. The thing that bugs be about Bin Laden is that I can see a similar plan being presented to Carter n 1979 and him having the guts to trust our military. Was that plan so much worse than the one presented to Obama? I doubt it, and the fact that one worked and one didn't doesn't say a lot abouttheperson, in my view. Sometimes good decisions have bad outcomes. That doesn't make them bad decisions.

  3. And about drugs, I just don't think that the money spent on interdiction and the numbers of people looked up make sense. We need totry something else.