Saturday, October 6, 2012

Food Truck Rodeo

The darling of hipsters and aspiring restaurauteurs, and the bane of restaurant owners is the food truck. Last night the town of Carrboro hosted a food truck rodeo in the market square, with 10% of all proceeds going to Meals on Wheels.

We got down there about 5:30, joining a crowd of families, students and aging hipsters. There were about ten trucks in all, slinging specialties like pizza, crepes, sandwiches and ice cream. Sadly for the BG, the Pie Servers truck was pizza, not the other kind of pie, but she found a delicious Caprese sandwich from Sympathy for the Deli:

I went for a chipotle chopped barbeque sandwich with a South Carolina style mustard based barbeque sauce. It was a little dry and a bit flavorless, which was partly my fault for not adding enough sauce, and partly theirs for not managing the pit properly.

Of course the OG opted for our own beloved OnlyBurger, a truck so successful that it opened a store last year in Durham. Not surprisingly it was the longest line. This photo came after I had made my order and went to check on the Gs.

We ate our food on our laps, a la terre, accompanied by a guy playing Tennessee Ernie Ford songs, and finished it off with a couple of ice cream cones. Total cost, about $30. Good times.

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