Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Breakfast

As I've said before, Sunday often means pancakes, as well as church for Worldwide and the BG, and the New York Times for me. Although I've pretty much settled on a pancake recipe, there is still plenty of room for experimentation, and today was no exception. There were three new elements tested today, all successful.

  1. Separating the egg yolk using a water bottle, and then beating the egg whites and folding them in at the end after the melted butter (result: fluffier)
  2. Sifting the dry ingredients into the mixer bowl and then pouring them back into a four cup measure, which then served as the site for combining the wet and dry ingredients (result: one less bowl to clean)
  3. adding mini marshmallows to the BG's pancakes (result: gooey and kid friendly)

Worldwide chose bananas for her filling, while the OG opted for her signature chocolate chip.

Continuous improvement. Tim Harford would approve

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