Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Papers

Plenty of good stuff in the paper this morning, complemented by the BG’s design and my rendering of perhaps the first ever blueberry, coconut, chocolate chip waffle—a rousing success.

Mixed reactions to a life sentence for Hosni Mubarak. It’s  unclear how this will affect the presidential candidacy of his former prime minister. Still a few chapters to be written in this story and the ending is impossible to predict, though many are trying.

My favourite nutrition writer on salt: its linkage with poor health outcomes is not as certain as people believe.

Hagiographical review by Al Sharpton of the new James Brown biography. Here’s mine: “Not the nicest cat, he seems to have sacrificed relationships, money and health at the altar of success. Ran his band like a despot, but he made it groove like no other. Endorsed Nixon, smoked PCP every day in the 80s.”

Apparently Fred Astaire was not the star of the Austerlitz family. I had not heard of his sister, Adele, until today.

32 innovations on the horizon. Is sous vide the new microwave?

Don’t go to the doctor unless you’re sick. Despite everyone having an anecdote to disprove this theory, the statistics are compelling. According to Nassim Taleb, the best way to hasten a man’s death is to give him a personal doctor.

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