Monday, March 26, 2012

Song of the Day

I love music and wordplay, so what better way to celebrate that love then to use it in an attempt to add good cheer to the family routine, following the sage advice of my girl Gretchen Rubin to "sing in the morning." Every school day, I get up around 6 and read the Economist until 6:30, when I start making lunch for the Gs. The BG (Evie) needs to be roused around 6:50, so that gives me about 20 minutes to work up a wake up song. I've been doing it for a couple of years, and, although, I haven't tracked it (until now), I don't think there have been any repeats. Past favourites have included "Wake up, Little Evie" (Everly Brothers), We Woke Up Evie (Starship), and I Love Wakin' Up (Joan Jett). Today's song was "The Time is Nigh," a Blondie inspired riff. Here are the lyrics:

The time is nigh and I'm coming in,
I've got to wake up Evelyn.

Every day Evie wants to sleep in,
I'm afraid my dear that's not happenin',
I'm not the kind of dad, who lets his girls sleep late,

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