Thursday, March 29, 2012

Change Management

The girls and I have enjoyed settling down in the evening with a glass of wine or chocolate milk to watch our (hometown) Washington Wizards, and, with the dismissal of the OG's two favourite players over the last two years, first Gilbert Arenas for bringing guns into the locker room, and then Javale Mcgee for failing to mitigate his knucklehead on-court behaviour (despite his tremendous upside), the team has provided some good lessons about the business world and the consequences of personal actions.

So it's nice to see these guys (along with Nick Young) try to succeed in new environments, and to develop a relationship, not just with our team, but with the people, and we were delighted this morning, to see JVM singled out for Dunk of the Night on ESPN.

Update: Grantland on what it's like to be traded

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