Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What Pneumonia Costs in Serbia

I was sick when I returned to Belgrade in September--flu that turned into pneumonia. I waited too long to consult a doctor, but after I did, underwent a series of tests and a course of antibiotics that led to peace of mind and, eventually, recovery.

As we shut down our project, I figured it was about time to submit a claim for my medical expenses. All of my treatment occurred at expensive (for Serbia) private clinics. I was able to get appointments with specialists the same day I called, and was generally impressed with the level of service, equipment and hygiene. Here's the bill:

2 chest x-rays-$20
Preliminary exam-$15
3 blood analyses-$30
Heart scan-$25
Abdominal scan-$25
Consultation with pulmonologist-$25
Consultation with hematologist-$25

Just over $200. And no waiting.

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  1. Glad you finally went to Dr.. no matter the cost!