Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Peppermint Patty is a Peanut

We don't have Song of the Day anymore--even when I'm home the BG gets herself up now--but I started something similar last week.

My office is on the fifth floor of an apartment building.. It's actually two large apartments that have been connected. My guess is that the tenants are equally divided between businesses--lawyer, dentist, "agrominerals" (?)--and residents.

I walk up the stairs every morning, and last week I decided to try freestyle rapping up the stairs. "I'm on the one, like my name was James Brown, you've got to go up if you want to get down." was my first line I think, and I've had fun with it all last week. It's absolutely amazing what you can come up with on the spot: things that would just never occur to you.

Anyway, today, I cheated a little bit. I started thinking about the rap as I was walking down the street. I had the first couplet in my head when I was still a block away. After I unlocked the door, I started. For the purpose of the verse, it's important to know that in Serbia, what we would call the second floor is the first:
You don't start at one around her, it's zero.
I'm talkin' to you like I was Robert Deniro.
You take one to get one and then you're there,
Finally making sense of the whole affair.
After eight is a mint, after one it's two,
Peppermint patty is a peanut, who
chills with Charlie Brown, but isn't friends with Linus,
I had something about "your highness" coming but "Peppermint Patty is a peanut" cracked me up and I spent the rest of the trip congratulating myself on my cleverness.

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