Friday, January 10, 2014

Virtuous Circle

The OG is, shall we say, a discriminating diner. One thing she does love, though, is bacon, and I try to serve a couple of rashers alongside her cereal every morning. I save the fat, as Grandma Ruth is reported to have done, for frying stuff and making sauces (I fried some parboiled sweet potato cubes in bacon fat last night and dusted them with salt and the spice rub my dad brought back for me from Charleston--delicious) , but I can't nearly keep up with the quantity of fat that a daily regimen of pork bellies provides.

But last night, I had an idea; a horrible, wonderful, awful idea. The latest addition to the family is suffering from demodectic mange, an immune deficiency that the vet says she will likely grow out of. She has been scratching, listless and shivery of late, and she is not eating with the vigor usually shown by her species.

To remedy that, I mixed some bacon grease into her dry food, both last night and this morning. Unsurprisingly, she emptied her bowl and licked it clean, and the BG and I believe we detected a little more spring in her step on the way to the bus stop this morning.

It was a tableau worthy of Rockwell this morning as the dog devoured her bacon infused puppy chow and the cat lapped up the BG's cereal detritus, something she waits patiently at the table for every morning.

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