Monday, January 27, 2014

Trouble Underfoot

About the only thing that might convince the Gs to move to Belgrade.

Foto: Beta

I had forgotten what it's like to live with winter, and, in fact, I've never lived in a place with real winter when I've had to wear leather-soled shoes--my last real winter being 1989-90 in South Bend, Indiana. Since then, it's been DC, Olympia, WA, Cairo and Chapel Hill--all of which lacked the full-on and hard packed relentlessness that the season had brought in Indiana and Ontario.

To make things worse, Belgrade seems to be the kind of place where shoveling is optional, and that means that after a couple of days, the snow is packed down into a thick layer of impenetrable, long-lived ice, which gives each step a not insignificant risk of a potentially bone-breaking slip and fall. As I brought my groceries home last night and made my way to work this morning, coffee in hand, there were at least three incidents where my foot began to slide, and only the hard-wired memory of years of similar situations saved my beverages and bones from harm.

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