Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oregano Surplus

The breakout stars of my garden have been the thyme, rosemary and oregano; not surprising given the provencal-like character of our weather.

No complaints, except that the oregano is threatening to take over the space, and I need to figure out a way to use pesto-like quantities, rather than the couple of tablespoons I put in spaghetti sauce.

I found, as one can for virtually any idea one thinks of as original, a promising recipe for oregano pesto, which called for 2 cups of leaves. Now we're cooking, I thought. I'll whip up a batch and everyone will love it, especially the BG, who is a pesto fiend. And I'll plant some more if need be.

Sadly it wasn't very good. The oregano has a strong taste that just didn't work. It was palatable thanks to copious quantities of cheese, oil and nuts but definitely not a repeat. BG suggests going half and half with the basil and oregano, but I am not optimistic.

Any ideas?

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