Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Late Show

Since we've been in the Triangle, the Gs and I have had a show that we watch every night before they go to bed. The list tracks pretty consistently with their development. We started with Rocky and Bullwinkle, moved on to Fat Albert, followed by the Cosby Show, and most recently Chopped, which the BG--who does not love the NBA with the same passion as her older sister--especially enjoys.
Simpsons FamilyPicture.png
But after a year or so, I think we've seen them all, and every night involves a host of "seen its" as we scroll through the available options, often followed by the recognition that the episode we thought was new is also familiar.

I've fished around for some new candidates, and recently, I thought the Simpsons might fit the bill. I can remember when it premiered; it was must see tv at our house in South Bend, along with Twin Peaks.

Anyway, the Gs were reticent, but, almost out of desperation, not wanting to endure another rerun, they agreed the other night, and, ladies and gentlemen, we have a hit on our hands--just the right blend of slapstick, pop culture and cynicism to make everybody happy. And with over 500 episodes in the can (it's the longest running scripted television series ever), it ought to get us to the point where I'm going to bed before they are.

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